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What is dysplasia?

Cervical dysplasia means abnormal cells on the cervix. These abnormal cells can often be seen on a Pap smear, but the diagnosis of dysplasia can only be made by taking tiny pieces of the cervix and looking at them under the microscope.

Dysplasia is a pre-cancerous condition. However, if it is treated, it won’t progress to cancer. It is estimated that if all women had routine Pap smears, we could cut the mortality rate of cervical cancer by 90%.

In cervical cancer, abnormal cells fill the entire thickness of the surface of the cervix, and extend into the deeper layers. In dysplasia, abnormal cells are present, but are limited to only part of the thickness of the surface of the cervix. Over time, in some women, the abnormalities will increase and eventually lead to cervical cancer.