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I put the test in a gift box

by Kamela Ealey

When I found out I was preg.it was a shock. I bought 25 tests to re-take because I couldn't believe the results. Although I have 2 kids from a previous relationship, I have been going through painful periods and even been told that I might have to get a partial hysterectomy. My husband and his ex-wife couldnt conceive together. She ended up having to have a hysterectomy for the exact same thing.

My husband and I always buy each other gifts when one of us is having a bad day. He called me and told me that he wasn't having a good day. I could hear how stressed he was. I wrapped up the pregnancy test in an old wrist watch box that I had bought him for his birthday. I cooked a romantic meal and ran him some bath water with candles all around. After dinner he decided to pour some wine. We toasted, but I just watched him sip his. He asked me why wasn't I drinking my wine. I pulled out the gift and gave it to him.

He opened it, he looked confused until he looked up at me and I was smiling with tears in my eyes. He jumped up and picked me up and swung me around. We laughed and cried, cried and laughed. He always treated me like a princess, but now I get treated like a queen. I am 2 mos.and 1 day. I'm already showing, but some days are better than others. Everytime he sees me he kisses my belly. I want everyone to keep us in your prayers. It just shows that anything is possible, if you believe.