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I couldn't wait

by Heather

For the whole week after I knew I had missed my period my husband kept telling me to just wait and see. Time went by and still no period. Finally on Tuesday February 20th I told him I was pregnant but still hadn't taken a test. I told him all my symptoms. I was gaining weight, my boobs were sore and a couple other things. Well, he finally said to go buy a test. When I got back he left to go see a friend. That test was sitting in my room for only a few minutes before I decided not to wait til the next morning to take it. I broke down and peed on the stick. It didn't take long for the line to show up. I called him right away and told him he was going to be a daddy of a second child. He was pretty happy. After that I called my parents, his mom (which he wanted to call) and my grandparents. There was not one soul that didn't know by the end of that evening.