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A Valentine's Surprise

by Brooke

I suprised my husband so well! We tried for 8 long months to get pregnant. We already have a 6 yr old son, Cole. I had had a feeling that I was pregnant, I had the usual signs.

We had to work on Valentine's Day, so we decided that we would go out to our favorite restaurant 2 days later and celebrate the big love day. I had bought a test a few days before but decided that I would let my period be late before I tested. Well I was about 2 days late, and decided to test!

I got up early that morning and took the test. To my amazement it was POSITIVE! I kept it to myself all day, and that was sooo hard! I decided that I would suprise him with the news after our Valentine's dinner. I made him a card that I wrote a poem inside. On the front it had a graphic of baby feet. The poem said that we had a baby on the way, and I also stuck the test in the card.

He was so blown away. He got all teary eyed, and didn't believe me. I think we had perma smiles all the way home, and we still do. I am due in October, and we still have the same smiles on our faces. It was a really great suprise for him, and it meant so much for me to be able to do that for him.