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A picture message from my phone

by Amber Lux

I found out I was pregnant after I came back from my honeymoon. My husband lives in Texas, due to the military and I live in Virginia. We will be together for good in November.

In any case, I came back to VA and was feeling sick so I thought I might be pregnant, since I was 7 days late for my period. Well the test said negative. So I was still feeling sick so I went to the military doctor to get some medicine. She asked if there was a chance I was pregnant and I said possibly but I took a HPT and it said negative. She did the bloodwork and told me to come back in three hours.

I went back and she came in with all this paperwork and said CONGRATS you are pregnant. I was shocked!!! I asked if she was sure and she said yes. So I called my husband's co-worker and told him to go shake my husbands hand and say congratulations. My husband was confused of course. Then I got on the phone and said you are going to be a daddy. He was still confused, and thought I was playing jokes. I sent him a picture message from my phone showing the positive paperwork. He said OH MY GOODNESS I have to call my mom. So we both hung up and called our parents.

So come to find out I was pregnant during my wedding and didn't know it. I conceived on 7 April and got married on Easter Sunday. I am now 22 weeks and having a baby boy on January 1, 2007.

I told my husband we were having a boy over the phone but the way I did it was sneaky. He has been asking me over and over again when my ultrasound was going to be to determine the sex. I kept telling him the ultrasound techs kept telling me to call back to make an appointment, since they were all booked up. Well sure enough I had an appointment already scheduled. I called and said that outfit your mom got is going to come in handy for your baby boy. He was confused, and questioned what I was talking about. I said you are having a boy. Then I had to explain to him that I tricked him and I had an ultrasound already scheduled. So I am full of surprises.