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We've been through a lot

by Teresa

My husband and I began trying to concieve almost 4 years ago. After 1 year and no sucess we saw our doctors and found out my husband had poor motility. In his most semen analysis, it was around 50% motile with an overall count of around 150 million. We began having washed IUI's along with Clomid. Last year on Halloween it worked!!!!!! Before we could make it into the "safe" 2nd trimester we lost our baby.

This year we have been carrying on with another failed IUI in March all the while still"trying" on our own even though the odds were aginst us.

Yesterday was Sept. 9th 2006 and AF was due. I woke up from a dream at 5 am and in the dream I was in the bathroom testing and it was positive. I woke up immediately and felt an overwhelming urge to go test (even though we had done no IUI, and had only tried on our own along with my new Clear Blue East digital fertility monitor) I went in and tested....... it was POSITIVE!!!!!! After totally giving up on getting pregnant the old fashioned way we were set to go in Monday to begin another IUI cycle, but this has happily changed our plans!

We are still in awe right now and feel soooooo proud for sticking with it and not giving in to the stress and emotional toll. The reward has far out weighed the low points. I have learned soooo many wonderful things and have met a wonderful new friend on the Dr Amy message board. I truly feel like even though many couples struggle with infertility, that in the end we are thr blessed ones as we will truly see the miracle that babies are and appreciate all that has to go just right to have a healthy child. I have gained an appreciation for parenthood that many could never understand.

Our baby will be due May 20th. We are already loving this baby for each moment we are given with him or her. This child will know love like it could never understand. We cannot wait for the months and years to come!!!!!