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by Sylwia M.

I was trying to get pregnant for 3 months.  I believe I had a very early miscarriage the first time. I believe so because I did a bunch of tests and they showed fine but positive line.  Then, a few days later after my expected period, I started bleeding more than usually.  We tried to get pregnant a month later but with no success.

Then, the third month we decided to use no lubricants (we used those previously). Again, we prepared ourselves well; did ovulation tests, had sex every day for a week, exercised, avoid alcohol and tried to relax. My period didn't come on the expected day. I did a pregnancy test and it showed a fine positive line. Then I waited 2 extra days and repeated the test. It showed a darker positive line. We were so happy!  We drove to the doctor's office for the confirmation. They did the test there and it showed negative. What a disappointment! I was very sad and they decided to do a blood test.  They called me the next day with wonderful news!  I was pregnant! Later we found out I drank too much water before the doctor's test and that's why it didn't show.

Currently, I am 5 weeks pregnant. Couldn't be happier. Just wanted to share with you something I didn't know before: lubricants don't help in conceiving. If you have to use them  buy Pree-Seed, the only safe moisturizer. Good luck!