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Just relax

by Steffy

Well I have been trying for baby #2 since 15th August 2006. I thought it would happen straight away as I had conceived first time round - twice! But AF showed up in September. Went on to month 2 feeling down and getting lots of info from the other girls to boost our chances! Still AF arrived in October. I was gutted as hoped to get BFP on my boy’s first birthday. AF showed a day after his birthday after BFN's!

Then this month I decided to just take the relaxed approach, just to enjoy having sex with DH and not worry if I get pregnant or not. Well I felt ovulation and that night me and DH didn't have sex, so I thought I missed my chance! At 4 dpo my boobs became sore and got worse as the days went on! I was gearing myself up for the arrival of AF. I expected her! Then at 9 dpo I had to test. Nothing shown up til it was 4mins and 25secs after taking the test. I dismissed it as an evap line.

I was going to test a day before AF was due, but I couldn't resist testing at 12 dpo in the evening. I couldn't believe it when it came up positive! I instantly showed hubby both tests I had taken (9 & 12 dpo). He was so happy! I am officially classed as 3 weeks and 5 days so I can't register to most sites due to not being 4 weeks! Oh well. I am pregnant after having a relaxing month bd-ing!!!! I swear by being relaxed to fall pregnant. Baby is due 26th July 07!