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I had almost given up, but then ...

by Paree

Lemme start my story like this. We were married for like 2 yrs, but my period was irregular. Then I went to my doctor, a fertility specialist. She did some kind of test on me, like vaginal test and blood tests. Later on she put me on metformin, medicine to regulate my period, and clomid to induce ovulation. We used to try intercourse every month during my ovulation, but no success.

Then we decided to talk to our doctor again. I called my doctor's office for an appointment coz I was getting fustrated so much, but later in month of March I found out I missed my period. Still I was shocked coz we were really desperate to have baby with no success. I took a test home pregnancy test and I got a positive! I was soo happy. I went to the doctor in April and she confirmed that I was pregnant.

Now I'm 26 weeks pregnant, due date December 6th 2006. So this is my story and I want tot tell all the ladies out there: Don't give up hope. It will happen when it will, for sure. Good luck and keep smiling:)