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All of a sudden I hated lasagna

by Nicole

We had just gotten married on May 6/06 and whisked off to Mexico for our honeymoon. I had been on the Pill for almost 10 years and stopped January 2006. My cycles weren't regular - but not irregular either - averaged 22-32 days. I am convinced this ia a honeymoon baby!

I first noticed something was wrong when I developed a loving taste for wine. I hated wine - couldn't stand the stuff, warm or ice cold no way. But I just shrugged it off thinking "Taste buds are changing"

About a week later, after our trip, my new hubby and I went out for dinner. I love lasagna, I mean love it love it love it like Garfield does. So I ordered my favorite meal, took one bite and "Blech! EW! Gross!!" It did not taste normal - no matter how hard I tried to eat it.

Afterwards we went to the movies. About halfway through I thought "Ohmigosh - I'm gonna puke!" but didn't - and chalked it up to the nasty lasagna.

A week went by, my period was due in 5 days. I bought 2 HPT kits with 2 tests in them each. I took one 4 days before my period - negative. I took another one 3 days before my period - negative. Took a break for 1 day - tried again 1 day before my period and got a very faint POSITIVE SIGN!! I was excited!

I didn't feel any different, but thought for sure that's where my love of wine (which I hated so much) and dislike for pasta (which i love so much) came from.