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My friend bought the test

by Melissa

My hubby and I tried for months to have another baby (already had my daughter) yet every month was a big disappointment cause it ended with my period coming. We ended up deciding to give up as I didn't want to have a summer baby (too hot). So we put it on hold and went on with life by moving to a new house.

My periods were irregular. They would come anywhere between 29 - 39 days. Anyway, we settled into the new place and carried on unpacking. My hubby went to work the next day as I kept unpacking. My friend came over and we discussed the whole pregnant thing and she asked if I knew yet. I replied by saying that it's only been 38 days since my last period and that I had one day left to see if it would come.

She couldn't wait, she went down the road and got me a home pregnancy test. When she got back I went to the loo and.....HELLO! I was pregnant. Instantly I felt nausea (I think it was mind over matter).

Anyway, hubby came home 3 hours later and I gave him the test. He asked "What's this?" and opened the box.....His eyes opened wide with excitment and he started hugging me really really tightly. We jumped around a bit and couldn't believe it....we were going to have a hot summer baby!

My son is now nearly 3 and going strong. We love him to bits. Now were trying for bubby #3. Periods are regular now and we're hoping this time to have a winter baby.