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I thought I couldn't get pregnant

by Meg

I just turned 17 september 7th and I'm 9.5 weeks pregnant. My story is quite interesting. About a year ago I stopped having my period due to an eating disorder I had struggled with for a few years. I went to the doc and they said I might need meds later on in order to become pregnant and have a baby. I was a bit disappointed to hear that cuz every young woman dreams of having children (though I didnt dream of having a baby at 17 lol)

So I gained weight til I was to my healthy weight again which I absolutely hated...and I got my period for the first time in a year this past May. My boyfriend and i were having sex every month and used condoms every time...except one time in July...it took one time 5 days before I even ovulated lol...talk about fertile myrtle lol.

About a week before I was due for my period I started craving cheese and was getting really carsick which is unusual. What is upsetting is I did horrible things before I found out I was pregnant. I very rarely drink but i got drunk 3 times...and I starved myself for 5 days trying to lose weight again and was almost hospitalized. I think I drank and starved myself cuz I was getting moody and depressed which was one of the first symptoms for me, extreme moodiness lol. My boyfriend was there and took care of me through that.

Just one week later when I was 2 days late I went to the Carenet pregnancy center to prove to my boyfriend that I was indeed not pregnant lol and took a test, positive...lots and lots of positive tests lol (I was in denial for a while lol).

Now my boyfriend is in the navy (leaving for bootcamp this october) and I'm a senior in highschool. He's going to be an Intelligence Specialist and we're going to get married in a year or less. Luckily we were thinking about marriage before this baby thing happened lol. We love eachother and will love our baby to death. I can't wait to start our lives together as a family.