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Pregnancy after miscarriage

by Marika

We started trying for a baby in October 2005. I was elated to discover that in January 2006 I was pregnant with out first child. Unfortunately on the 22nd February at 8 weeks I had miscarried. I was told that I could expect to get my period again probably after 4 weeks and to wait until after my first period to start trying again. To my doctor's delight I got my period just after 2 weeks so we decided to try again for a baby.

One month went by and I was depressed and upset that we hadn't fallen and was starting to wonder if there was anything wrong that the tests didn't pick up on but was assured that there wasn't anything wrong.

April 2006 came and my husband and I decided that if we didn't fall this month then we would just let things happen naturally and I decided that I would get myself back into the gym to work through emotions and vent. It was around the 22nd April that I got my period so I was sure I wasn't pregnant.

My parents had gone away and had returned from their trip mid May. We had gone over for dinner one Thursday night and my Father looked at me and asked if I was pregnant. I said I wasn't and was starting to get upset by the thought of not falling once again. I went home that night and felt really sick so I went straight to bed. The next morning on the 19th May I discovered I was pregnant. I made an appointment with my Doctor the following week and everything confirmed that we were once again expecting.

I am now almost 20 weeks and expecting our first child on the 22nd January 2007. I wanted to write this as a message to other women who may be trying or who have miscarried. Keep trying. No one knows the heartache of miscarrying unless you have been through it and the emotions you feel of wanting a baby so much. Please keep trying as it will happen and the effort you put into wanting a little miracle of your own is worth it.