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I knew something was off

by Katrina

I had a feeling one day. I knew that something was off. I had felt a little light-headed. I never really kept track of my periods, even after having my first child, but I felt different. It was hard to explain. So I bought a cheap pregnancy test, thinking it could be possible. It was negative. I didn't think much else about it.

The next week, I started thinking, "I should've had my period by now." I had no appetite, and felt a little nauseous, but I just figured it was PMS. I took another test but it was negative, too. "It’s just stress causing me to be late," I told myself. (I had just been promoted at my job.)

Well, nothing happened the next week either. This time, my mom said, "I'm getting you an EPT test." The next day she called, and I kissed my husband and two year old son good-bye and went to her house. When I was about to pee on the stick, I laughed, thinking how funny it was that 2 years ago I had been in that same bathroom taking the pregnancy test that let me know I was having my first child. I took the test and before I even put the cap back on the stick, the test showed up positive! So I guess that proves that the third time is the charm! My kids are 4 1/2 and 7 now.