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Some women just kinda know

by Katie

My husband and I have wanted a baby for the past 2 years, but we didn't feel like we were in the financial situation to get pregnant. I went for 8 months without taking my pill 2 years ago and nothing happened so I went back on the pill and thought that when the time did come to try it was going to be very very hard for us!

I came off the pill once more in March 06 as we decided this time we were definitely going to try. but I wanted a couple of months to try and get the pill out of my system. When May came, I bought some OPKs on the internet, as my period was very very irregular. I started using them in May and found my ovulation days. We didnt fall pregnant and that was ok with us. We weren't going to get worked up about trying for a long time yet.

So once June's period disappeared, we got back to the drawing board, and again tracked my ovulation. Four days after I ovulated, I felt different. I started cramping slightly which was very unusual for me. The only time I ever felt cramps was around 2 hours before the dreaded red river started flowing! So that was my first indication something was different.

By around 8/9 days past ovulation I had other signs. I was still cramping, but was also having waves of nausea and headaches. By now I said to my husband " if i am not pregnant, my body is playing a horrible joke on me". I think by then I just had a gut feeling I was.

Eleven days after ovulation, I fell down the stairs while cleaning. I just got so dizzy and collapsed! Another sign?

That night I had a dream I took a test and it was a + and when I woke up I told my husband.I decided to try the old "OPK as HPT" test as an experiment. Two lines showed straight away!! I told my husband and said " we need to get a pregnancy test now!" I knew what the answer would be.I took the test as soon as we got home and yes, it was positive at 12dpo! I am due March 28th.

I believe some women really do just kinda "know" when they are pregnant!!