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They told me I wasn't pregnant

by Kasandra

OK so how did I find out I was having my second child?? Funny story. I thought that I had an infection of some sort so off I went to the doctor's. They checked my urine and they said well we know your not pregnant!! I was relieved but I still insisted they check my blood and sure enought they did just that.

The next morning I brought my daughter to daycare, walked through the door and the phone rings. Guess who? That's right the doctor and this is what i heard blah blah another baby. I said nope, not gonna have another baby. He said no no Kasandra. I'm telling you your having a baby and it's looks like your 5-6 weeks pregnant. Can you come in on Monday?!!

Man it did not hit me till the next day and I was happy because my three year old little girl was so happy about being a big sister! I would have never changed anything but it's gonna be a funny story to tell my son on his wedding day!