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My sister yelled it across the parking lot

by Jodie

DH and I had started trying in July/06. From being on this message board I figured we had until after Christmas and then maybe I would be pregnant by then. Well, all of August I was busy with my grandma's passing and being at the hospital and just being there for my mom. I didn't pay attention to when I was ovulating or anything. We kind of just had sex when we felt like it.

My period was due on August 16th, the day of my grandmother's funeral. It was a sad day but in the back of my mind I was glad my period hadn't arrived.

Finally August 19th came. It was my sister's birthday and she wanted to go out. I figured I was 3 days late and if I was sure I could drink I would. My sister-in-law picked me up a test and dropped it off to me, I took it. It was 9:23pm.

I couldn't believe it. DH was with me and he looked at it and his exact words were 'I guess your getting water tonight!' It was funny and we got that nervous feeling right after.

We sat outside the bar to wait for everyone to meet up there. When my brother and sister-in-law showed up, they were way accross the parking lot from us and my sister yelled at the top of her lungs that I was pregnant. My sister-in-law panicked and started screaming and running around because she was so happy. My brother's first remark was 'I hope I'm the godfather.'

I then called my dad and was telling him something completely random, as my mom was already asleep, and just blurted out 'I'm pregnant.' He didn't believe me at all. The next morning he told my mom and she called me at 5:30 am she was so happy.

I am due April 23rd, 2007. If it's a girl we promised my dad we would name her Cheyenne.