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An eerie dream

by Jennifer from Alaska

Around the time I became pregnant with my son, my cycle was like clockwork. I never missed a period and I was never late for a period. I was on birth control at the time, and even though I was on the pill, my period would never come until Thursday night the week that it was due (even though the U.S. pills have been designed so that a woman's period doesn't fall over a weekend).

Well, the night before my period was due (a Wednesday night), I had a dream that there were two pregnancy tests in front of me, both positive. I was a little spooked the next morning, but really didn't think too much of it. By Saturday though, I was starting to get worried, so I bought a pregnancy test which happened to have two tests in the one package and went home and sure enough it said I was pregnant. It wasn't until I took the second test a few hours later to confirm it that I remembered the eerie dream I had a few nights before. Not the most unusual pregnancy story ever, but at the time it sure shook me to the core. :)