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I knew even before I took a test

by Heather

Hello, My name is Heather I’m 20, engaged to married to the most wonderful man, and we're 5 weeks 2 days pregnant. I knew I was pregnant before I even took a pregnancy test. I was due for my period on a Wednesday and that Friday at work I started to feel very sick and just "not like my normal self" so when I came home from work I pretty much collapsed because I was so sick to my stomach and my fiancé asked me what was wrong and I told him how I’ve been feeling and I told him that I know I’m pregnant and that I’m not waiting a week to take a pregnancy test that I’m taking one the next morning. Well I didn't get much sleep Friday night because I could not stop throwing up. The next morning I took a test and it was positive, but it was a very light positive and my fiancé didn't think it was positive because the line wasn't dark enough so I took another test on Monday morning and that line was very dark so I knew I was definitely pregnant. But ladies, a line is a line whether it’s dark or extremely light. As of lately though I have not been feeling sick my symptoms actually improved.