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I was in Spain

by Hayley Wilkins

A trip to Spain sounded great, a time to experience the culture and a good knees up with my university mates after the stress of my exams. My mother had recently died and I needed to get away, have some fun and enjoy myself.

I did miss home though my partner of three years encouraged me to go. However I kept feeling emotional. My period was late. This was strange for me as I was as regular as clockwork. However I kept thinking to myself I had missed my period because of stress from exams, mum, missing home. I had actually convinced myself there was no way I could be 'that unlucky' and be pregnant at 20.

As the trip continued I carried on partying, drinking, eating, then one night I rushed to the loo and was sick. Thoughts rushed into my head. I knew straight away; I was pregnant. I phoned my partner and explained. He was really understanding, it was such a relief to hear his reassuring words.

That two weeks seemed to last for ever I felt sick, bloated and had sore breasts. By now my period was six weeks late. When I arrived in England I took a test, the test confused me as it said I was and wasn't pregnant so I went to my doctor who confirmed it. I was pregnant - my worst nightmare. At the time I felt as though my world had ended. What I didn't realise was that it had just begun. My son is now two, I took a year out of university and went back achieving a first class honours. He has given me so much love and brightness for the future and those regrets are well in the past.

So just remember if you are pregnant and feel some regret, your life has just begun and you can do anything you want with or without a baby, as long as you set your mind to it!! I’m living proof.