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I even called the manufacturer to see if it was true

by Ebonee

Well, I had a lot of the symptoms but it wasn’t very clear though I was getting sick in the middle of the day but it wasn’t all the time it was only when I ate certain things that I would normally eat that my stomach did not agree with and then there was the constant sleeping and then waking up only to find that I was still tired I had absolutely no energy what so ever and then one night while my boyfriend and I where in bed he started talking about getting married and having kids. little did he know that I could be pregnant already,  but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions. I waited till the end of the month, still no period, but I had severe cramps and a little spotting.

The next day I went and got the pregnancy test from Duane Read’s. I was looking at all these hpt tests. I didn’t know which one to choose so I asked the pharmacist and she told me that it didn’t matter they will all give me the answer I needed. So I just went for the store brand, the cheapest one I could afford. I went home and on the way I saw my boyfriend. I thought to my self, “oh my god, please don’t ask what’s in the bag, please don’t ask,” but he didn’t. He just told me that he would be home later. I kissed him good-bye and I went home and took the test.

There were two boxes. One was the control line and the other was to either tell you if your pregnant or not, a - or +. so then one line appeared which I thought was a minus. Then another faint line appeared. I thought, oh my god, no, oh my god. I couldn’t believe it.  I was so crazed with excitement but still it wasn’t enough. I read the directions over and over again to see if what I was seeing was true. I even called the manufacturer to see if it was true. Even when they told me it was a positive I went to the doctor and got another opinion. Sure enough, I was pregnant. Later that night my boyfriend came home and I told him I was pregnant. he couldn’t believe it.

I had a healthy BABY BOY on Sunday December 3rd 2006.   He was a sight to behold and the greatest joy in my life. I still can’t believe that he is mine.

Baby dust to all who read this story. with love  ESC