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I had a Tarot reading

by Donna

Well I came off the pill in March after many years, 8 years to be exact, of not wanting any more children after my son was born in 1997. I had pre-eclampsia induced and 38 hours of labor.

I started to wonder what if we tried things might be different this time around, so we talked about it and decided that maybe we should try. So I had my period in april and tried. Lo and behold my period never came again in May, but with 4 days late and many negative tests I was sure I wasnt pregnant. I had no signs except the ususal signs that Flo is going to drop by.

The next morning what she said was playing on my mind so I tested again with clear blue digital and the screen flashed up PREGNANT. I was so shocked. It was 7AM. I ran to the bedroom and shoved the test on DH's pillow and said, "Look, look I'm pregnant!"

Things so far at 15+ weeks have not been smooth sailing. I had bleeding in the early part of my pregnancy. Touch wood, all is ok, but my chances of getting pre-eclampsia makes me HIGH RISK as I have high blood pressure any way.

My midwife has explained that because I have had it once before and with being over weight and having high blood pressure my chances are greatly increased. Even so, I am glad I am having another child after a long 8 year age gap. I will be closely mointored, and I'll keep you all posted! Thanks for reading.