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Negative 3 times then positive

by Christen

My husband was home for only 2 weeks on leave from Afghanistan and I knew he was home during the "fertile" days. We talked about it and decided we wanted to try for our second child. I figured I would ovulate on the first Thursday of his visit, but we knew it wouldn't be a problem trying to concieve as we had not seen each other since February and it was now September.

On the Wednesday after that Thursday I was sitting in one of my college classes when I realized I had nausea very similar to my first pregnancies morning sickness. The next day we were at the hospital because of a cough I had had for a while. They did a urine pregnancy test, I thought it would be too soon, and I said this, but they said that it wouldn't be. It came back negative.

I came down with every symptom possible then and I had already decided I just had to be pregnant. I knew not only did I have all the symptoms I knew of, but I had symptoms I found out were pregnancy symptoms after they developed. With my daughter I had none at that stage, so I worried I was making them up.

My husband's great-grandmother died the day I figured I would ovulate, so I said, "It is just like that old saying, 'When somebody is taken from you, God gives you somebody new.'" I bought an early HPT and took it 4 days before my period was due, it was negative.

I still hadn't lost hope. My husband was scheduled to leave two days before my period was due so I went and took the other test from the box that day and it too was negative.

He left thinking I wasn't pregnant. But two days later when my period was due I couldn't help but buy another test and this time it was positive. I literally stood in the bathroom and jumped up and down and told God thank you at least 20 times. I called the doctor that day and got an appointment scheduled immediately. Then I took another HPT just to make sure and it too was positive!