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We were "practicing"

by Beverly

My husband and I discussed having another child for a few months. We decided this year in September we would officially start "trying." At the referral from a cousin, I made an appointment with an OB/GYN to make sure we were good to go, and wouldn't have to start seeing a new doctor once we did become pregnant. I wanted someone I was already comfortable with. Luckily the wait wasn't to long and my appointment was made for October 20. We decided to go ahead and use September and October as "practice" months so we'd be ready with our new doctor come real baby time.

Come October I was a little more in tune with my body, or so I thought. My dear period was due around October 17, my cycles are varied so not 100% sure. I started getting cramping and such around the 13th or so, I just assumed she was preparing for her visit. I just knew that she would show her ugly face on the 20th, the day I was going to get to know my new doc, and he was going to really get to know me!!

So on the 20th, after filling out the dreaded patient history, they asked me to pee in the cup. They tucked me in a back room to wait for doc to come do his stuff. About 2 minutes later the nurse poked her head in, and said "Your test came back positive." Of course I about hit the floor. Not only was I only there for the get to know you visit, I dind't think there was anyway I'd already be pregnant. Needless to say, when my husband instant messaged me when I got back to work about my "check-up", I had to spill the news!!!

And by the way, thank God I love my new doctor!!