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Extremely tired

by Amy

We had been trying for 3 months. The week my period was due to come, I was feeling extremely tired. I'm normally the life of the party and found myself wanting to leave gatherings very early, so I could go home and rest. Then, I started feeling some heartburn and indigestion along with breast enlargement. I didn't get my hopes up, but definitely had a pretty good feeling.

The night before I was going to take a test, I had a dream that I took a pregnancy test that ended up positive. The next morning, I took a test right away and practically inspected that test with a magnifying glass. I swore I saw a very, very faint second line, which I had never seen on the tests the months before. I had my sister get me a digital test to get a second opinion and it boldly said "pregnant"! We were so excited and I just got my 3rd (or should I say 4th counting the dream) confirmation at the doctor's office.