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I researched the symptoms on Ask Dr. Amy

by J. Alexis Johnson

I didn't know I was pregnant until I was practically 2 months. I had gone for my annual physical with my internist and she asked the routine question, "When was my your last menstrual?" I knew it was sometime at the beginning of Feb., but couldn't remember the exact dates. I also knew (at least I thought I knew) that it would be coming any day. That weekend I realized that it was a little over a month since I had my menstrual. I didn't pay the lateness any mind because I thought it might be a change in my cycle. Then a few days later I started urinating very frequently; followed by a sudden increase in my appetite. I researched the symptoms on Dr. Amy's website. I then told my mate that I think I should take a pregnancy test.

I took the pregnancy test while my boyfriend was sleeping. The results almost immediately came through. I calmly went into the bedroom to wake him up, and said Congratulations!