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I didn't need a test; I knew

by Abby

I knew I was pregnant about a week and a half before my period was due. I knew something was different and the fact that my boobs hurt so bad way before they were supposed to was a huge sign. It's hard to explain how I knew, I just did.

My husband asked when I was going to take a test and I told him I wasn't going to because I knew what the answer would be. I knew it would be positive. He thought I was crazy and bought me a test and told me to take it in the morning although my period wasn't due for another 5 days. He woke me up at 5 in the morning and was holding the test and told me to take it. I refused saying, "I know the answer, It will be positive so whats the use?"

Well he won the arguement and as soon as I set the test on the counter a dark positive line appeared. I walked into the bedroom where my husband was and said, "I told you so, now why couldn't you of just listened to me and we could of saved money on the test?" He was stunned, didn't say anything for about 30 minutes before saying, "Wow I didn't think you knew but I guess I was wrong." We then flipped out and starting crying and laughing. We were so happy.

I am now 12 wks pregnant and I couldn't be happier!