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It might have been triplets

by Nicole

Well, It started in October of 2005. Boyfriend (now husband), and I decided we wanted a baby. I was 17 at the time, and thinking it would take a long time to conceive really didn’t think about getting pregnant that night. Well bf and I had sex. I was returning home, 2 hours away from him, and after that night, it just slipped my mind.

About 3 weeks later, I went back down to Brampton, Ontario. It was near Halloween. We went to screamers amusement park. I joked with Cody and his sister about being pregnant. We went on a ride where there is an effect of zero gravity. My tummy hurt so much, I started bawling my eyes out.

I went home a few days later, not thinking about that. I tested when I got home because I hadn’t had a period. The test was a very light positive. I couldn’t believe it. I called Clear Blue and described the test to the woman who answered the phone. The next few words changed my life. "Congratulations, you're pregnant!" I hung up, and went back to bed, holding my test in my hands. That was the first night I fell asleep smiling.

The next day I went and bought a few more hpts. I took them over the following days. Still light positives. Then the 5th test later (5days later), I saw negative tests. I showed my mom the other tests, and said that she didn’t think they were positives.

I was completely heartbroken. But she took me to the hospital because I started to get major pain. At the hospital they did a urine test and told me I wasn’t pregnant. They did a blood test after I insisted. It was negative. The doctor didn’t believe me, but did an internal. He said, it looks like your period is about to begin. If you start to hemorrhage, come back to the emergency department. I told him I was going to be traveling that night, to go visit my boyfriend. He said, pack some supplies, you might need them.

On the train, I started to bleed extremely heavy. Spent 2 hours in the washrooms. Each time I put a new tampon in, it was filled within 5 minutes. As I got to Brampton, it got worse. I told Cody, and his mom drove me to Brampton’s hospital. I was told there that I was pregnant, then that I wasn’t pregnant. They did an internal ultrasound. The technician was telling me all sorts of things. First I had two uteruses. I was pregnant in one with twins, and pregnant in the other with a single baby. I was miscarrying the single baby.

After that, they told me to come back the following day for another internal ultrasound. I went in, and they said now, that I only had one uterus, and that the two greyish blobs I had passed the night before at emergency were two different babies. They told me my uterus was empty, and that I would need a D&C within 24 hours. They also diagnosed me with an ovarian cyst. Said to get it checked. I declined getting the D&C until I went home.

When I got home, I put the D&C to the back of my mind. I saw a specialist about my cyst.  She told me looking at my ultrasounds that I didn’t have one. I asked her about how soon could I expect a period. She told me that after my twin miscarriages that it can take up to 6 months.

I left her office feeling better about not having a cyst. I decided to hold off on trying until I had a full cycle.

I had my 18th birthday in November, and still no period. But one thing had changed. My boobs were so tender, it hurt to wear a bra, to take my bra off, and to sleep on them at night.

Then December came along, and after Christmas I still hadn’t had a period. Cody was upset that we couldn’t start trying again yet. Christmas day came and went and still no period. Cody came down to visit during the Christmas holidays. On December 27, we went and saw a movie. I had to pee, and then I had to pee 5 minutes later. Cody and I went to Zellers, and bought an hpt. He made me test right then in the Zellers washroom.

At first nothing showed up on the test. I put in back in the box thinking I didn’t get enough urine on it. I went out back to Zellers. Cody took the test out of the box. To both of our surprise there was an extremely dark positive! Wow! We were shocked. We didn’t know how it happened, since we had used condoms since the miscarriage of our twins.

The next morning I retest to make sure. We watched the dark line appear. We had to take Cody to the train station, and we stopped on the way to get something to eat. My dad at Wendy’s told me I was getting fat in the last month or so. I was so upset, I wasn’t getting fat, I was getting pregnant!

That night I told my mom. I told her about the pain. She made me tell my dad the reason she was taking me to emergency. My dad didn’t talk to me for days.

On December 31, I had an ultrasound. He was 13 w 6d. On January 1, 2006 I would be 14 weeks pregnant. He was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen..

Now if those doctors had just listened, maybe I could have kept all three babies!! I was pregnant with triplets!!!