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Forever in my heart

by Sez

December 12th I had just finished my shopping. I went to the toilet when I got home I was bleeding I was 18 weeks pregnant. I went straight to the hospital where I was checked over and then taken for a scan. That was where I was told my baby had died. I just lay there crying. It was terrible.

I went back 2 days later and had to give birth to my baby. It was the most awful experience of my life. Six hours later my little boy was born. We called him Jack. He was so tiny he was fully formed. We got to hold him. I just cried.

I then had to go into theatre as the placenta was stuck. What an ordeal I went through. I just felt empty as I had just been through labour and there was nothing at the end of it for us to take home. I was lost, scared and confused.

We had him buried on the 20th December, which has made it easier. I just don’t understand why he was taken from me. I go to rub my belly sometimes. I forgetm then I realize and start crying. It is getting better as each day goes by. My little Jack will be forever in my heart.