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Six weeks pregnant and there was nothing

by Kirsty

Well first of all I want to say that this website is great!

I'm 18 and I live in Scotland and I'm engaged. Me and my fiance Nicholas had been trying for a baby for bout 9-10 months and I was givin up hope! But then my period was 8 days late. Still I didn't get my hopes up! I did a test and OMG it was postitive. I burst into tears!

So a week goes by and I start bleeding. Trying not to worry I go to my maternity unit but i had to wait an extra week to find out if I was ok or my junior was. The day finally came and I was told there was nothing there. 6 weeks pregnant and then there was nothing!

I cried for a month solid, but that was two months ago and now were trying again! So fingers crossed. But you never know what one person is going through when they're having a miscarriage until you go through it yourself. Thanks