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Her heart rate was very low

by Kera

On 19 Aug 2006 me and my boyfriend went to an amusement park (the same day my period was due). That whole day I kept running to the restroom but there was nothing. On the way back home I could barely keep my eyes open. Later my boyfriend kept asking "is it there yet?" “No,” was my answer for then and for two more days. Then I realized I’ve only been two days late before because of cycle change. But not me. I just couldn’t be pregnant.

To be sure I went to the pharmacy. I was so anxious I took the test in a restroom at a fast food place. Sure enough, pregnant popped on the screen. I was screaming OMG and shaking. My boyfriend was thrilled. We felt complete now that we were almost a family. Couple weeks later I spotted but things were still fine. Then the ultrasounds showed abnormalities but all the exams were clear. At 17 weeks I was told the sex was female, but her heart rate was very low and she wouldn’t make it through the week. On Dec.12, 2006 at 20 weeks my labor was induced. She was stillborn. It’s been three months and we're trying again.