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From bad to worse

by Jennii

It all started with my boyfriend asking me to marry him. I was so excited. Then I had some exciting news for him; I was pregnant. We were on cloud nine and even decided to pull the wedding forward to the week after my 12 week scan. Between baby books and bridal books I was the happiest girl alive. We both work together so we booked 2weeks off work to get married (honeymoon).

I pushed the thought of wedding to the back of my head as I lay on the table for my first scan. The doctor's face said it all; I had lost our baby. I had D&C 3 days before our wedding.

We decided to go through with the wedding. My husband thought the honeymoon would give us time to be alone together. My boss told us to call him when we got back to let him know if I would be well enough to return to work.

I called him to say I was returning as scheduled. He coldly told me that my husband and me that we no longer had jobs to return to, then hung up on me. I worked in a male dominated job I had been the only female there. When I tried to fight him saying he was being sexually discriminating due to my pregnancy he informed me I didn’t have a case due to the fact I was not pregnant when he fired us.

A month passed with no income. We used every penny of wedding gift money to live on and even had to return some gifts in exchange for money. I was heart broken. If not for the strength of my husband who went out and not only searched for one job but two. He finally found us a job together. We have slowly pieced things back together. I’m now 4 months pregnant. but can't truly enjoy it for the fear of history repeating itself.

I wish I could do something to protect other women from being unfairly treated after losing their baby.