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If I had one miscarriage, does that mean I'm more likely to have another?

No, you are not more likely to have a miscarriage if you have had one in the past. In fact, your risk of miscarriage is exactly the same as if you had never had a miscarriage.

Miscarriages are extremely common, occuring in approximately 1 in every 5 pregnancies. That means that most women will have at least one miscarriage in their reproductive lives. The miscarriages are caused by one time, non-repeating genetic problems. These genetic problems are not inherited; they are caused by genetic defects that happened during the creation of the egg or the sperm, or a genetic problem that occurred at the time of fertilization. Therefore, they are restricted only to that pregnancy and have no impact on future pregnancies.

Of course, since the normal miscarriage rate is so high, some women will have two miscarriage, but the odds are small, approximately 1 in 25 or 4%.