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Eleven minutes of pushing

by Steffy

This is story about my birth with my son who is 1 yr. old on 14th Oct. 06.

All was going well in pregnancy and after some anti-natal classes decided to opt for gas and air, and pethidine as form of pain relief.

It was the 14th Oct. mid afternoon, my due date was 16th Oct. and I was feeling good so decided to go up town as I usually did when I was pregnant. A few days before I bought raspberry tea leaf tablets as I heard it helps you go into labour. I didn't want to go overdue!!!!!

We got home about 5 pm me and hubby and did our usually routine of watching the soaps! That night there was a one off documentary so we stayed up to watch it! It turned 11 pm and we decided to go to bed as hubby had work at 7 am the next day. We had just settled in bed and got comfy when all of a sudden "Ouch". I bolted straight up thinking "No please not now, I am tired. I have been awake since 6:30am this morning and I want to go to sleep, come back tomorrow morning." Like labour goes the way you want! Haha.

My contractions were bearable and i had my mind on trying to get in touch with my mum for her to come home so someone was looking after my younger sister. She was out partying when I finally got in touch although she said she would be five minutes down the road. she finally arrived home at 2am!!! 3 hours after going into labour!!!

We phoned the hospital to let them know I was in labour and the pain was getting worse and closer together! No one had a car to drive me to hospital and it was 2am!!! I couldn't wake anyone up to take me!!! The hospital said they couldn't send me a taxi and to ring someone to take me up there. I screamed down the phone that I will get a taxi!!! (with a lot of foul language too)

The taxi man panicked as soon as he saw he was having to drive a woman who was labour to the hospital! Amazingly he drove the route where there was no speed cameras so he could get me there that little bit faster! bless!

Well we got in the maternity ward at 3am. i was sure i would be 3cms by now. and I was much to everyone's surprise! I knew all the magazines i bought when i was pregnant would come useful! I knew exactly what should happen!!! i was well prepared!

They moved me rooms and gave me gas and air. It made me very sick and I nearly fell off the bed! Very dangerous! The midwives said i should be expecting my baby at bout midday! After that I couldn't stop looking at the clock and counting how long i had left as the pain grew worse!!! The midwife threatened to take it off the wall!

As normal I went through the stage cursing my husband, vowing to only have one child, begging to God to end the pain and I will become a devote Christian!!! I said everything!!!! I begged for pethidine a few hours later when I couldn't stand the pain any more. The midwife measured me and said I was 7cm at 6am. I begged her and then they agreed to let me have the relief as to them i still should have 3-6 hours left!

After the pethidine I can not remember any pain! I even had a little nap! Then at 7am I turned to my hubby and said "I need a poo (tmi)" he replied "no you don't". A few seconds later I announced "I'm pushing". Tiredly he responded "No you're not". Oh and believe me I was pushing!!!

Hubby panicked and tried to get the midwives asap!!! They came rushing in and said "we only left you a few minutes ago!" I don't remember any of the midwives telling me how to push or anything. I just did what my body wanted me to do! I did one push and turned to hubby and said "It hurts" in a little sweet girl voice. He told me afterwards no one would have thought that labour was painful as I didn't sound like I was in pain. Then I did another push and my boy Morgan was out at 7:11am 14th Oct. 05! 11 minutes pushing! I was expecting somewhere near the 2 hour mark! I couldn't believe it.

And yes I am one of those women who said "I want another baby" after all the cursing I did! lol. It was a great labour and the midwives were wonderful!!! Me and hubby are now trying for baby #2 and this time I am opting for a home birth and just pethidine! The pain is so worth it and you do start to forget bout it after time! Thanks for reading xx