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But I thought you said it was a ...

by Shoshana

I had to be induced for my child (who is almost 3 now) because the doctor was concerned about it being inactive. I was induced early in the morning and labored until the afternoon. After two plus hours of hard pushing, my doctor declared that the baby was too big, and had gotten stuck, so I was going to have to have a c-section.

After I was on the table for a while, I got impatient waiting for things to start, so I asked, "When are you going to start cutting." I was also a little nervous, despite assurances that I would not feel anything. The response came that they had already cut into me and that they were trying to push my baby back up because the head was a bit stuck.

A few seconds, or possibly minutes later (time is a little vague for me at this point), the doctor announced it was a boy. My response was "It's not supposed to be." The doctor then asked who did told me it was a girl and I replied, "You did."

We had very few outfits that a boy could wear, because he was to be the first girl after four grandsons (not my children), and they were all at home. We had a frilly pink dress in my bag to take our baby home in. My husband had to go to the house and find something to bring him home in. Relatives waiting in the hospital while I had my c-section had to return a big bunch of pink balloons and flowers and such they had brought to welcome my baby. It is a story that still makes us laugh today. He has presents and birth cards still that have the name we were going to use for a girl on it that we received at baby showers.