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Sarah's here!

by Shine

My beautiful Sarah has finally arrived safe and sound!

Jan 30 2005 was told I was pregnant. Wow what a surprise! I loved my dd before she arrived. Most of my pregnancy went well except the fact that I was huge as a whale! Aug 2 sarah wanted out. I talked to her and told her to stay put!

I spent the last week of pregnancy running back and forth to hospital to make sure Sarah was ok. I can tell you all I was never so frightened in my life. Sept 6th we tried 4x that week to induce, but lil Miss Sarah would not leave hotel mom. Sept 9th my insulin needs dropped.(Insulin needs dropping in pregnancy for a diabetic generally means the placenta is on its last legs). I went to the OB on Sept 13th. Sarah was born via c section that night at 10:33pm at 9.14lbs at 37wks.

My beautiful Sarah is where she belongs now, safe in my arms. I have an infection from the c section and I can honestly say I have never been in so much pain. When the pain becomes to much I look in the basinett. When I see my DD laying there asleep I know in my heart I'd do all again for her without a doubt! Daddy's been great. Sarah's is his new love lol. Who would have thought a 10 lb baby girl could bring a grown man to his knees!