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The pain is all worth it

by Sherry

I was still back in the Philippines then and my husband was in the USMC. He was only given 10 days of leave so I had to be induced for him to be able to see the baby born. My cousin, who was my OB GYN, didn't want to do it at first since they rarely give pain medications in the Philippines and inducing could make labor 5 times more painful. But I felt brave and I wanted my husband to see our baby before he went back to the US.

I went through labor for 15 hours without pain medications and pushed for 3 hours before the baby was born. The pain was beyond anything I've ever imagined. I didn't actually see my daughter when she was born because I collapsed just when she started coming out.

The pain is all worth it. Having a baby is like seeing your heart running all around you. Now that I'm finally together with my husband here in the US, I want to have another baby. Hopefully I can have an epidural this time to be able to enjoy my baby's birth and stay concious the whole time! My daughter is 5 now.