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She was perfect and mine

by Kristen

I was due 10-21-2006, and I delivered my baby on 10-07-2006.

 I lost that mucus plug right after my doctor’s appt on Monday. she said I was 1 cm, and only 60 % effaced. Thursday I had "bloody show" and light cramping. By Friday I felt like a walking time bomb. I had false labor and made my husband drive me to work etc, and it all went away by Friday afternoon. I felt silly.

So I woke up Friday night, (sat morn) at 2:00 with different contractions, all in my back! and waited a good hour before waking him up. We waited until 8:00 to go to the hospital, and I was 4cm, by 10:45 - I was 5 cm. The contractions were all in my back still and hurt pretty bad. Then they really started to hurt, I asked for pain med. She was going to give me Stadol and told me I would be sleepy, but still in pain but less, and the baby would be sleepy. She checked me and I was 8cm, so I changed my mind, and decided I could do it naturally.

I also was throwing up at the beginning of each contraction. So then the contractions stopped peaking 5 times, and I got the urge to push. I tried to quit, told the doctor I need a 5 minute break, and she had to make me do it.  It was unlike anything I have or ever will feel. I was sure that I was going to hurt myself or the baby. But I somehow did it, all the while screaming very loudly.

My husband was crying standing over me and helping me hold my legs up. My doctor asked me if I wanted to have a mirror and I cried "no", I had no desire to see what was going on down there. I finally got her head out, and tried to quit again. I asked if they could just take the baby out. They convinced me to push again, and there she was. My husband cried "it's a girl". I was shaking all over and I could feel the cord hanging out, and I was freezing. I tore so I needed stitches but that wasn't bad at all. I got to try to nurse and hold her for a hour before they weighed her and dressed her up.

It took a while for it all to sink in, that I had successfully delivered this baby girl. She was perfect and MINE! I really wish that I had a chance to be alone afterwards, for a day or

something but my whole family poured in. I am still very happy that I did it drug free, it is quiet an accomplishment. I will do it again if I have another baby.

We named her Piper Jayne. She was 8 pounds 1 oz.