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Nothing like I expected

by Kimberlee

The birth I experienced was nothing like I expected. Although it turned out okay it was kind of scary. I was a whole month early and had done nothing to prepare myself to go to the hospital. I didn't have papers filled out or a bag packed etc.

I was a full time student going to beauty school so I was standing a lot during the 9 hour days. One morning I woke up a little earlier than normal with the typical potty run, when I noticed I was spotting. Not really thinking anything of it I thought I’d ask the doctor about it later today at my appointment. I wasn't in pain so what could a little blood do? But soon after that thought it started coming a little heavier so I woke my husband and told him what I thought about talking to the doctor later. I was still in no pain.

I jumped in the shower and that's when I could feel the contractions coming regularly. We started timing them and decided to call the hospital. I don't think the nurse realized I was bleeding because she advised us to come in when they were about 2-3 minutes apart. At that time they were 5-8 minutes. So I dried my hair and got dressed and attempted to start packing a bag, with my husbands help. By that time I was feeling pretty uncomfortable and had to lie down when a contraction came. Contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart when we left for the hospital. By this time I was in a lot of pain and made my husband almost run a red light!

We finally got there and was wheeled into a room and slipped into a hospital gown to be checked. The nurse looked very shocked and announced that I was dilated to a 10, but that there was no head in sight. So my doctor came in and we decided my son was breech and scheduled for an emergency c-section. If I wasn't in so much pain I would have been a little worried about that, but my doctor was very calm, and that gave me confidence that this is what needed to be done.

 I was wheeled into the operating room and strapped down, and they put something over my nose and mouth. The next thing I know is I have a 5 lb baby in the other room and he is doing great. He had the cord wrapped around his neck 5 times; it was so tight that is what pulled the placenta off the uterine wall and started my bleeding, and contractions. It is a blessing that I progressed so fast, because I could have easily lost the life of my precious son.

The whole thing from the time I woke up that morning to the time he was born was about two and a half hours. We both recovered remarkably, and even got to go home a little early than a normal cesarean patient would. I am just so thankful for the knowledge and technology we have these days.