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I had pre-eclampsia and didn't see my baby for two days.

by Kayleigh

I was due for my period, and I was 4 days late, so I decided to go to family planning to have a test. When I went to family planning. I was talking to the doctor how I was feeling and that i was late, she told me to take a test. I had 3 tests done because 1 was postive, 1 was negative and she did another 1 which was postive. I couldnt believe it, i didnt know whether 2 laugh or cry.

I phoned my boyfriend and he didnt believe me because I always used to think I was pregnant in the past but when i went home we talked about it.

I had a really bad pregnancy, kept going to hospital because I was having stomach cramps all the time. 5 weeks before I was due the midwife came to the house to check me and to talk about birth etc. She checked my blood pressure and she noticed it wasn't right so she told me to pee. When she checked it, it was 4+ so she said I'd have to go to hospital right away.

My boyfriend took me to hospital and the doctors were checking me to see what was wrong. They couldnt tell me till the morning so I had to stay there overnight.

Next morning the doctor came and said I had pre-eclampsia. I couldnt believe it. I was so shocked I knew what that was, as I used to watch the birthing programs. He had to induce me straight away because it was very dangerous.

Next day nothing happened. At 12 am he checked the baby on the monitor and noticed the baby was in distress. He said we wait and see what the baby was like at 6 am. At 6 am the baby was still in distress, so i had to go for emergency casarean. I was so scared. I wanted my mum and my boyfriend to be there but they said we couldn't wait for them.

I went in to the theatre and they put me to sleep. I couldn't stay awake because I was so scared. They told me I could lose a lot of blood. When i woke up I saw my mum and my boyfriend.

I wanted to see my baby but he had to go in to special care because he was 5 weeks early. The doctors promised me I could see my baby that night but I didn't. I was so upset. Everyone had seen my baby and I hadn't. The doctors kept promising me i could see him but I didn't see him till 2 days after. I had to stay in hospital for a week so they could keep an eye on me. The baby had to stay in for 2 weeks. We went up to see the baby every day! Two days before he was coming home they asked if me and the baby father wanted to stay there with the baby. We were so pleased.

Two days later we got everything ready, said thank-you to all the staff that looked after me and my baby. I don't want to go through all that again. But now I think I'm pregnant again!