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It didn't quite happen as expected

by Fiona Flowers

My husband and I were told we would have a healthy 7lb baby. Well it didn't happen quite as expected. My son is now 2 yr old weighed 9lb and 4oz.  I weighed 110 lb pre pregnancy so I am a small person.

Anyway it came to the day I was having really painful contractions whilst working on the house we were building at the time. Later that night I decided, “Ok this is the real thing.” We went to the hospital. I had some problems. My son had become very stressed and he had bowel movements in the womb. The doctor had to put fluid inside my womb to clean everything as best as he could. Then it came time to push. I was exhausted, ready to hold my baby and just rest. In the Lamaze class we were told on average you will push for half an hour at the most. Oh no not my son. He decided to get stuck. The 7 lb baby was going to be bigger. The vacuum was used and broke, springs went flying all over the room. By this time the epidural wore off and I could not have any other pain medication. I was in a lot of pain my husband was scared for me and our baby. Finally after pushing for over 2 hours forceps finally allowed him to get free. He went straight into the NICU and I underwent a lot of stitches. 4 hours later I got to meet my son. He is now 2. He has a seizure disorder and IgA deficiency otherwise a perfectly healthy little boy. My husband and I are planning on baby number 2 (with a c section).