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I was in for a long haul

by Des McCoy

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I was excited. But, I knew if it was anything like my first I was in for a long haul. Come to find out carrying my second child was worse then my first one. I was sick everyday and hospitalized more then I can count on one hand. At 27 weeks pregnant I went into preterm labor and that is every one’s worst nightmare.

I had to be transported three hours away to a hospital were there was a neonatal care unit just in case I delivered early. At the time my husband was looking for work and had to travel back and forth.  I ended having an amnio to see if I was actually leaking fluid or not. They put a blood dye in the womb to see if I was leaking fluid. It was a relief when they said I wasn't and I could go home.

I went home with a new set of problems. I was sick everyday, high protein in my blood and in my urine and multiple other things. From twenty-seven weeks on I had to have non stress test three times a week. It was miserable.

The day she was born was such a relief. Three weeks early and induced. She came out a little blue but with a little oxygen she was fine.

The biggest and most interesting thing is we both should have been dead. The placenta and the umbilical cord were separating from one another. No one can explain how or why that was not picked up on earlier in the pregnancy.

 Now I have a two year old who is thriving and full of energy. Would I change it? No way. There are people who have it a whole lot worse then I do.