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A 4.5 hour labor with only gas

by Cassie

I was 17 when I discovered I was pregnant with my miracle. I was so excited to be pregnant and though my baby's father and I would raise this child together. I was wrong so very wrong!

Well, as the months went by and antenatal appointments got closer together, I got more and more excited! At about 29weeks he was head down and just waiting. I had a scan at 32 weeks and confirmed the baby was a boy and he was growing fine. They told me to expect about a 6 lb baby. I was told then that my cervix was at 1cm. I was a little worried about this. The baby's father started to harass me and I spiraled into this big depression spell. I met my partner about this time.

Well at 35 weeks I went into preterm labor but it stopped thankfully!

At my 39week appt {30/01/2007} my BP was up to 140/100 and the doctor told me I was going to be induced on the following Monday the 5th of Feb 2007. This was baby’s due date. She gave me a sweep and stretch and it kind of hurt but not too much.

7 hours later I was sitting at home with mum and my partner and my sister and my dad was over visiting. And I started to have these little pains getting a little stronger. I went for a shower to help ease the pain. I didn't say anything to anyone because I didn't want to look like a fool when they are really Braxton Hicks.

Well, after everyone left and I was still sitting in my towel because I was too uncomfortable to move. I told mum and she rang Birthing Unit. The midwife was asking the basic questions and if we had been timing. I said they were about 5 minutes apart. She asked me to tell her when I had a contraction on the phone. I didn't and we were about to hang up and she said "bye" and I was like "hmmm hmm". She's like, “You having one?” I’m like, “Yup, yup.” And then she said, “How bad is it?” and I’m like, “I need drugs ha-ha.” So she told me to come up.

I was 2-3 when I arrived at 9:15 pm. When I got told I was staying I called my partner and he came up. I got in the bath a few times and then about 1am I was so over the gas and wanted bigger and better drugs. The midwife said she'd check me for the second time at 2 pm and we'd see what drugs I could have. Well at 1:10 am I started to push while I was in the bath. I didn't want to but my body did. My son was born at 1:40am on January 31st 2007. I had a 4.5hr labor and was natural with only gas that I couldn’t have while I was pushing. I tried though. I was holding my mum's hand and my partner’s and had the gas tube in my mouth between my teeth trying to use it ha-ha!

Just remember, there have been thousands of women who have gone through childbirth before us. If they could do it with no drugs we can do it with them ha-ha.