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Into the toilet

by Amanda Williams

This is my fabulous story of the birth of my fourth child who was born in June in 2003. I was at the hospital for about 2-3 hours and I could tell I was just starting my transitional labor (the really painful labor), I really had to go potty, figured my water had not broken yet, I would be okay to stand and go.  No nurses were in the room at the time.  So I got up and my husband came along carrying my IV bag.

 I went to the bathroom, then I stood up, a big contraction came broke my water and my little girl fell out of me into the toilet.  I yelled as she fell out "she's coming", and plop she went.  My husband threw my IV bag on the floor and fished her out of the toilet, handed her to me, and ran out the door yelling to the nurses "she had the baby!!" 

All the nurses and my OB doctor came running into the bathroom and saw me just sitting there balling, holding this crying baby on the toilet.  It was so embarrassing, and so not how I expected my labor to go.  My doctor reassured me everything was okay and baby was fine.  My husband cut the cord and the nurses took the baby.  My doctor then held the umbilical cord and led me back to the bed to deliver the placenta.  I felt like a horse being led by the reigns.

 It is all very hilarious now!!  We called her our toilet baby.  Lots of other comments were made, like "she made her big splash into the world", and "our little turd".  I am known at the hospital as the woman who had her baby in the toilet, and I am pregnant with #6, they will know who I am when I go in to deliver this baby, and will not let me up to the bathroom now!!