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A baby at 15

by Samantha

when I found out I was pregnant in 2003 I was 15 years old. I was so shocked and happy but wished i was older. I couldn't tell my mom so I wrote her a letter and she took me to the health department and I was a month long she was upset then she seemed to be happy to be a grandma. When we found out the sex I was so happy I wanted a little girl and I got her.

I was due may 28 by my period but by my ultrasound June 2. Now I was going to my doctor every week at 9 months. I was dilated 1, next week same and come to find out my cervix was to thick so he said that if I didn't go on my own I would have to be induced. I went for a doctors apt on June 2 and still 1 cm so he called and had me scheduled to have the baby on June 6.

I went in at 5 am to be induced I was so excited I barely slept the night before. we finally got there then I was getting scared to have a baby at 15. i got some medicine I don't remember the name but it helped me sleep by the time I woke up it was 12 am and I was dilated to 4 cm

I was happy but I was starting to get uncomfortable so they gave me some more medicine and then and hour went by they checked me and I was 5 and while she checked she accidentally broke my water. They put a catheter in and i was always saying i had to pee and it just felt like I couldn't pee but then it stopped. now they came in and gave me an epidural and then I was fine.

I felt great then about an hour or so went by and I was feeling uncomfortable so they checked and the epidural wore off and I was 7 and I was like gosh it hurts and when they gave me another epidural I was having a contraction I said it is coming so they waited tell it went away so they gave it.

Then you know how they have that blood pressure on your arm to keep it checking. Well it kept falling down to my lower arm and it was hurting so my mom took it off. when the nurse came in she put it back on and we told her what happened and she was snobby. I said this freakin thing is hurting my arm. The other nurse helped and she was nicer. I think that older women was doing it on purpose because I was 15 and having a baby.

Well finally it was like 8:45 and I was 10 cm and by then the other epidural stopped working so they gave me another one before it was too late and I pushed like 4 times and I said I can't do this it hurts to much and I could feel everything. The last epidural did not work and he asked me what I wanted to do. I said I just want her out now and he told me that I was doing better then some other women that was older than me. So I said ok. So I pushed and pushed and she was born at 9:05 pm June 6, 2003, weighed 8 lbs 13 oz, 20 inches long and two weeks later I turned 16.

I would do it all again. she is my life. Now I am 19 years old and she is 3 years old and now I am expecting another baby.

I wanted to write this for teenagers. It does happen and it is a great thing but there are those who give their baby up or abort it. All women get pregnant for a reason and the babies are born for a reason. just think before you have sex to be safer. Abstinence is safer than having sex, 'cause no matter what you might try to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, you can still get pregnant. Think girls! would you want a baby at 18 or even 14. Well better think about it.